October 16 is celebrated as the feast day of this blessed mediator in heaven. He was a man kindled with love for the poor coupled with an apostolic zeal.With Diwali celebrations ending, it’s time we meditate upon the expenses that we might have splurged upon. No complaints! No regrets! True that. Keeping alive the spirit of Diwali, let’s reflect upon one of its virtues of having a contrite spirit and upright heart.

Bl. Kunjachan teaches us the same. The diya’s  that we have lit with love will always remain lit in the hearts of the downtrodden had we ever celebrated alongside them. Did you care to wish your maid or an auto rickshaw guy Diwali greeting? Perhaps no or perhaps you were too occupied to focus on these petty things. But do take a look back and imagine had you taken a little effort to do so, the smile on their freckled, worn out faces would have been worth at least a box of ‘kajukatris’.

The point is not about greeting every stranger or downtrodden you meet. The point is how you can pour some joy into the hearts of the weary. Bl. Kunjachan is the exemplary here. He dedicated his life to the upliftment of the Harijans (Dalits) of his time. No none requires to be a philanthropist. Simple and plain acts of companionship, counseling, fortitude is what the poor requires more than your money. So go out, children of God, kindle your love for them and show them that they could be understood and loved.