Vatican City: Pope Francis has launched a new series of lectures reminding us that prayer is the soul of faith. Pope Francis has launched a series of lectures on prayer at his weekly public meeting on Wednesday (06/05/20) in his private study room at the Papal House. Today we are launching a new series of instruction in addition to prayer. Prayer is the soul of faith. It is the most appropriate expression of relaxation. It is like the cry from the heart of a believer who believes and presents himself to God. The Pope’s next sermon was to recount the story of Barthimeus, the disciple.

What impressed God’s mercy and strength was his firm faith. It is believed that there should be two raised hands and a voice calling out the gift of salvation. The Catholic Council of Religion teaches that “modesty is the basis of prayer” (2559). Prayer is born out of the soil, organic matter. It is due to humility. Prayer arises from our thirst for God in our crisis.

In Bartimaeus we have seen that faith is noble; The lack of faith was the compression of the voice, and that was what the people had, and they tried to silence him. They were not faithful. This is a kind of silence. Lack of faith is something we are confined to. Faith is the hope of salvation, but unbelief is in line with the evil that has enslaved us, the pope said.

The human heart has a strong supplication over all contrary arguments. It is a voluntary departure without anyone’s direction. It is a voice that questions the significance of our journey in this world, especially when we are in darkness. “Jesus, have mercy on me! Jesus, have mercy on us all! ” All are called upon to fulfill the secret of mercy. The pope concluded his speech with a special greeting to the young and old, the sick and the newlyweds listening in the media.


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