MICHIGAN: Felician nuns in Livonia, Michigan, are mourning the death of eleven nuns since the coronavirus outbreak began. In Math, 23 people have been confirmed with the virus. Seven nuns have died of coronary artery disease. Four other monks, meanwhile, were summoned for eternal peace because of some other health problem. At the beginning of April, 56 nuns lived here. Sister Mary Christopher, a North American provincial of Felician nuns, has revealed that more than thirty-five people in their three mosques are infected with the coronavirus.

Covid’s 19 victims include Sisters of the Nun, and workers associated with the Nun community. Sister Mary Christopher says she is saddened by Corona’s loss of life in their community of gathering together five times a day. Due to the strict social distance, the monks are now unable to gather together during meal and prayer times. Sister Mary Christopher added that in this context, the importance of the good of the community and the country is for the members and other members of their monastery.

Born in Poland in 1825, the Venerable Mary Angela is the founder of the monastic community. They were very interested in caring for abandoned children on Warsaw Street. In 1855, the Felician monastic community was founded by Sister Mary Angela with the spirit of St. Francis Assisi. In 1899 they were called to eternal peace. The Felician monastic community began in the United States 80 years ago. The first monastery was founded near the city of Detroit. Later, they started for Madonna University and a few other educational institutions. The monasteries have monasteries in Brazil, Kenya, Poland, and North America.


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