Source: Pravachakashabdam

New Delhi: A Jesuit priest was arrested by the NIA on charges of having links with the Maoists. Nationwide protest over Fr. Stan Swamy’s arrest has been initiated since then. The Jesuit Conference of South Asia yesterday observed the National Solidarity Day for the release of Fr. Stan Swamy. People from different walks of life lined up at the Delhi Jantar Mantar yesterday.

Archbishop of Delhi Dr. Anil Kooto, human rights activist Harsha Mander, Prof. Apoorvananda, Paul Divakar, CPI leader Annie Raja, Shabnam Hashmi, Ravi Nair, Michael Williams, Henry Tiffanyne, Avinash Kumar, Vrinda Grover, John Dayal, Medha Patkar, Fr. Stanzilas D’Souza, Fr. Jarvis D’Souza also took part in the solidarity rally. Solidarity Day was celebrated in various states demanding the release of the priest.


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