Kochi: The Catholic Congress Global Committee has demanded that the 80:20 distribution ratio of minority benefits in Kerala should be rectified. The Government of Kerala provides minority benefits at the rate of 20 percent for the Christian community and 80 percent for the Muslim community in Kerala. It is reprehensible that the Christian community has not taken any action on the part of the government despite the demands of the government to amend this ratio at various levels.

There is strong discrimination against the Christian community in the planning of Minority Welfare projects. The Christian community does not receive the representation or share it deserves through the Minority Welfare Department. This is totally insulting and unacceptable. If the government does not make a fair decision in this matter immediately, the Catholic Congress will unite the non-Christian communities and lead democratic political movements.

The government should take positive steps for those who are suffering due to the collapse of the agricultural sector. Volunteer troops will be formed in all the dioceses of Kerala to assist in ceremonies including funerals in the event of Kovid 19 proliferation. The work of the volunteer forces will be in collaboration with the diocesan leadership and the social service department. Global President Adv. Biju Parayannilam presided over the function. The meeting was attended by central representatives of the Catholic Congress from 26 countries. Geo Kadavi, General Secretary Adv. Tony Punchakunnel and Treasurer PJ Pappachan spoke.


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