Kochi: The Kerala Catholic Church has intensified its anti-COVID awareness campaign. At the KCBC level, the Kerala Social Service Forum and the Health Commission coordinate their activities. Youth Commission and KCMS join hands with this. KCBC President Cardinal Mar George Alencherry and Vice President Bishop Dr. A.S. Dr. Varghese Chakkalakal, Secretary-General, Bishop; And Joseph Mar Thomas are leading the force.

The Kerala Social Service Forum has announced its readiness to assist the dioceses in making the COVID defense easier. Training for volunteers and PPE kits will be arranged through the KSS Forum in collaboration with the Health Commission. A helpline for volunteers will be set up from the Amos Center, the forum’s office. Dioceses should appoint special directors or appoint social service societies for this purpose.

Special care is required in church-run care homes, nursing homes, convents, and other places where people live together. Devotees serving in high-risk areas should take all possible precautions. Priests should take care of the spiritual and mental needs of those over 65 years of age.

No one with COVID disease should miss out on pastoral care. Counseling services should be made available to those in need. Priests should not perform Holy Communion or other sacraments with suspicious COVID symptoms. Each diocese should have one or more groups of volunteers to assist the clergy and the government in matters such as cremation, cremation, and burial.

There should be a system consisting of the diocesan social service society, youth organization, health workers, and priests. KCBC Deputy Secretary Rev. Dr. Varghese Vallikattu said that the parishes have been directed to provide necessary assistance in the containment zones. 


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