Silence has a certain energy to it like no other energy source. It has the power to relax our mind and body, helps us to just be still – and it is in this stillness that we can find answers to a lot of our troubles. It has been scientifically proven that retracting back into our “shell” is important for us. It helps us to reflect on our thoughts and actions. However the trouble that most of us face with silence is the constant urge to avoid it. A majority of us feel the need to fill the void of silence with needless chatter, TV, music, or some other kind of noises.

This lent let us make an earnest effort to become silent – at least during the following 5 instances –

  1. During arguments– our ego will always want us to have the final say in any argument, however the wise thing to do in any altercation is to remain silent. This does not only show signs of wisdom and understanding but can also prevent the matter from escalating.
    2. Gossiping– do no indulge in any forms of gossip this Lent. It is difficult to do so, however once you master the art of turning a deaf ear to gossips, you’ll be surprised to see how a major chuck of your life is without any useless troubles!
    3. When someone else is talking – most of us like to talk. However this Lent let us try to be good listeners. Let us learn how to listen to others when they talk – and not interrupt them. When we learn to listen to our surroundings, we get to learn a lot.
    4. At home – most of us get to spend very little time at home – post office, school, college and tuition we hardly get any time to spend with our family. So this lent, let us make an effort to go “phone-free”, especially when we are at home. Let us talk and listen to each other.
    5. Introspection – this is something we all need to do. Sit quietly for at least 5 minutes every day. We need to train our minds to become still. Without any background noise (i.e. constant chain of thoughts). Let us learn to empty our minds. In this way we can fill our minds with newer things that we will come across and learn!

The quitter we learn to become, more clear would the voice of Jesus would be! So these days of Lent are meant for us to be with God and of course silence is the best way to listen God and enjoy the beauty of His creation.


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