Vatican City: The General Synod of Bishops of the Global Catholic Church is expected to hold its final months in 2022. The resolution of the Synod has not been determined. At a meeting last week with the Synod General Secretariat, Pope Francis submitted three different resolutions. The Pope will make the final decision on the resolution. The Pope will convene a regular Synod of Bishops every three years to discuss any matters of importance to the Church. The latest in this series is the Synod Conference for Youth held in 2018.

In a press release issued by the Synod Secretariat on February 15, the four-year gap was replaced by three-year terms, unlike previous years. The recent Synod Summit for the Amazon region includes a list of ‘special’ Synod conferences. The Pope calls the Synod of Bishops whenever necessary. Synods that occur are called “extraordinary” synods.

The current heads of the Synod Secretariat are Secretary-General Cardinal Lorenzo Baldischery and Pro-Secretary-General Bishop Mario Grouch. They have the responsibility of advising on Pope Synod Conferences under Canon Law. The main mission of the Synod is to find answers to questions of faith and morality and to forge unity with the Pope and bishops in the global church.


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