Source: Pravachakashabdam
An International exhibition is being hosted by The Catholic Cultural Association  of Macau Diocese  from June 17 to July 31. The exhibition will house the ’17 photographic exhibits of miracles’ that were collected by Bl. Carlo Acutis. The exhibition is titled “Eucharistic miracles in the world.”
Macau is the first Asian diocese to hold an international exhibition about Bl. Carlo Acutis.  The miracles were documented and catalogued by Bl. Carlo Acutis before his death in 2006.  “These Eucharistic miracles approved by the Church help us to go beyond the visible and the perceptible and allow us to admit the existence of something that is beyond,” said Joni Cheng,  the director of Catholic Culture Association.
The Vatican beatified Carlo Acutis on October 10, 2020 and he is considered as the patron of youth.


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