Parishioner of the Basilican Convent of Thiruvalla and the Archdiocese of Thiruvalla records grief in Divya P John’s accidental demise.

Divya, who was found lying in a well at the convent premises at noon on May 7, was rushed to the nearby hospital by the Fire Force and the police. Divya’s dead body was held at the Kottayam Medical College under the supervision of a police officer and was buried on 9th May in the St. George Church, Chunkappara.

The Archdiocese conveys prayer and condolences to Divya’s parents, siblings, and family members.

The police investigation into Divya’s death is being done with all the cooperation and support to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The Hon. Sisters receive special prayer support and support during this crisis. All members who study in our convents and engage in dedicated ministry are precious children of the church. They carry out the bulk of the church’s services to the community. All concerned are always committed to taking all possible precautions to ensure their safety and well being.

Anyone who tries to discredit the Church and the monastery, the deceased saint and his family, and divert the investigation, lovingly appeals to the police to allow an honest investigation.


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