LONDON: Public divine sacrifice is set to resume in Europe with restrictions. In many places, there are strict restrictions on the number of people who can attend the Holy Mass simultaneously. Before entering the shrine, believers must disinfect their hands with a sanitizer, and the church will open with many suggestions that peace between the gospels should not be greeted with mutual blessings.

The French government has announced the relaxation of its restrictions starting yesterday (May 11), after six weeks of severe restrictions. But we have to wait until the second day of June to begin the sacrificial offering in the temples. The bishops have called for a relaxation of the regulations from the feast day of May 31, but the government is not ready. At the same time, church officials have told believers that they can enter the shrines for personal prayer.

The bishop of the country informed the believers of the instructions to be followed before the resumption of the public sacrifice on June 8th in Switzerland. It is strictly mandated that ceremonies such as the first Qur’anic reception, marriage, and baptism should be carried out socially. After the Holy Mass, all objects touched by people must be sterilized. The bishops have said that it is advisable to stay at home in case of any illness.

Although it was already decided to begin the sacrifice on April 20 in Germany, a few dioceses were postponed to May 10. All dioceses have issued various guidelines based on the instructions of the bishops. At the same time, it has not been decided whether the restoration of public sacrificing in Britain will be resumed. The bishops in the UK have shared the hope that the Eucharist will be able to restart the Holy Mass.

Public sacrifice will resume on the 18th of May in Italy. The bishop of Italy has proposed that believers should wear a mask, social distance, those who have a fever, contact with coronavirus patients, and not enter the church. The bishop has also issued a directive that the confession should be made in the air.


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