Today, the twentieth day of the Extraordinary Month of Mission is celebrated as the ‘Mission Sunday’ in the Catholic Church. The pope invites us to be part of the missionary activity by dedicating the entire day to the acts of missionary nature.
Let us take small, simple steps towards fulfilling our social and spiritual duties. The fourteen works of mercy are the basic etiquettes of missionary behavior. Let us inculcate all the values imbibed in the acts of mercy. Let us clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, give food to the hungry, home the homeless, and spend time in mercy and prayer for those in need.
Besides, the baptized Christians are also responsible to comfort, console and guide the doubtful, ignorant, depressed and desolate. On this occasion of Mission Sunday, let us keep away our hesitation, busy schedules, and priorities, and indulge in activities to honor the lord almighty and the duty of service towards our brethren.


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