Trees are cut down to produce papers, make fancy furniture or for clearing a certain stretch of land for residential, commercial and even agricultural purposes. Excessive cutting of trees causes depletion of the land which results in the land turning barren and unsuitable for any agricultural use. Many of the natural calamities that the world witnessed, are the results of the cruelty that we humans committed towards mother nature. Floods, famines, droughts etc. find their origin in these broken and weary tree roots.  As estimated, paper industry consumes most of the trees on the earth’s surface.

Digitization of documents and books can lead to conservation of tons of paper. Moreover, printing merely the necessary documents, while utilizing both the sides of the page will also help in reducing the use of paper, whereby there can be a gradual decrease in the rate of deforestation. With each small step, we can ensure that this evil practice comes down. Apart from all this, the best way to conserve and protect our mother nature is to practice afforestation. By planting young saplings, we partake in the process of procreation. This will not just help in compensating the loss already made to the earth, but would also lead to a healthier atmosphere, where one can breathe fresh and non-venomous air.

Let us all vow to take active part in the evolution of this world into a better place and say no to all wrong practices against Mother Nature.

Inputs from Ancy Albert


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