Pennsylvania: More than 40 crosses erected by Pro-life groups in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Pennsylvania State of America were found destroyed. Earlier in 1973, the supreme court of America had passed the judgment of legalizing abortions. in protest to this judgment pro-life groups had erected 61 process in memory of more than 1 lakh fetuses, which lost their lives in their mother’s womb. It is these crosses that had been found destroyed.
In order to divulge further details, the caretaker of the church, Msgr. Joseph Gently, produced a letter for the parishioners. The letter states that this is is the second attack on the church in a fortnight. Similar attacks had taken place earlier in the church premises. Msgr. Joseph Gently has clarified that tight security has been mandated and that over 40 CCTV cameras have been installed on the premises.
The letter mentions that the church officials would take the attack seriously and that the offenders would be punished strictly. He requested the members of the church to constantly pray for the reconciliation of the offenders. In accord with the said intention, the church is organizing a Rosary rally in the coming days. The details of the event would be shared on the church’s social media handles.


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