Vatican City: Pope Francis invites believing community to prepare meals at home, school, workplace, hospital, jail, and intersection. During a public address this past Wednesday, Pope said it was a reminder to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus and to remind us what Christmas is all about. The pope invited the believers to prepare the hulk before Christmas and pray in front of it.

The pope’s message was to point to his apostolic resolution on the significance and meaning of the liturgy. God is drawing closer to man through the incarnation of His Son. Pulkut is a celebration of man’s intimacy with God. In most of the meadows you can see the Unni Jesus with his hands spread out, “This is why God tells us that God came to embrace mankind,” the pope added. The pope invited listeners to sit in silence for a moment before praying, to share with them what happened in our lives, our hopes and sorrows with God.

The pope also mentioned a small Christmas card that read, “Let us sleep with his mother,” with the picture of a young father holding Unni Jesus beside his sleeping mother. The pope asked how many husbands allow their wives to sleep by picking up a crying baby. Earlier, the faithful who had gathered at Paul VI Hall celebrated the birthday of Pope Francis with a single note. Before the gospel reading of the birth of Jesus, the crowd gathered in the hall and demanded that another birthday be celebrated. This past Tuesday was the 81st birthday of Pope Francis.


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