Archbishop Mar Antony Kariyil, Metropolitan Archbishop of Ernakulam, Archbishop of Ernakulam, said: He was speaking after inaugurating ‘Snehadoot 19’, a joint Christmas celebration at Paravar Chavaragiri Special School. Heterosexuals are not the only ones who are disadvantaged. Mar Anthony Carrillo said every fraction is the lamp of every family. Deepika, CMI Church St. Joseph Province Kottayam (Department of Social Welfare), Carmel CMI Public School Puliyanmalai, Christ College Puliyanmala (Kattappana), Girijyothi CMI Public School Vazhayotup organized by Sneha Dutt.

Deepika’s Chief Editor Fr. Bobby Alex Mannamlakkal, Vice-General of the CMI Congregation Fr. Varghese Vithayathil, St. Joseph’s Provincial Fr. Sebastian Elanikal, ES. Bijimol MLA, District Panchayat President Kochutriyas Paulos, District Panchayat member Syriac Thomas and Social Welfare Councilor Fr. Thomas Mathilakath CMI, Chavaragiri Special School Manager Fr. Sunny Poriyath, Puliyanmala Carmel CMI School Principal Fr. Robins Kunnumaly CMI, Kattappana Christ College Principal Fr. Alex Louis Tannipara CMI, Vazhuthope Girijothi CMI School Principal Fr. Biju Vettukallel CMI, Vikas Vidyalaya Sevagram Special School Director Fr. Dominic Poultry CMI, Parapp Chavaragiri Special School Principal Fr. Cletus Tom Edassare CMI,

Students of Vettims Sevagram Special School, Kottayam Vikas Vidyalaya Special School, and Parappa Chavaragiri Special School have organized art. There was also a Christmas Pope contest.


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