Christians in Bangladesh joined a rally in the country to denounce drugs and alcohols in order to control the increasing crime rates and violence, in which around 2000 people were gathered. The rally covered 180 km within the radius of eight Catholic parishes in Dhaka Archdiocese, collectively called the Bhawal region. The rally was organized by the Bangladesh Christian Association, which started from St. Joseph Parish on 28th July and ended the next day at Holy Family Parish.

As reported by, Nirmal Rozario, president of Bangladesh Christian Association, remarked that “Recent cases of violent prompted us to act against addiction, especially alcoholism and so we have decided to pair up with local church officials to combat this menace and people have responded very well.”

Nirmal Rozario highlighted the life of the youth at present, who walks astray plunging into drugs and alcohol and thus explained the significance of the rally which may save such people by spreading awareness among the young and the adults and reflected that the aim of the association is to decrease the addiction rate by 60% in next three years.



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