Bhubaneswar: Kandhamal Christians find “Christianity a more human way of life,” says a Spanish filmmaker who made the latest documentary film on the anti-Christian persecution of Kandhamal 2008.

The documentary film “One” tells the plight of Christians India in general and Kandhamal in particular, said Fernando de Haro, a Spanish journalist, and director of La Mañana Fin de Semanaof radio Cope.

India, which is the largest democracy of the world, competes against China for the leadership of Asia and of a big part of the planet and has still a rigid caste system. Because of it the Christian minority, who dares claim the effective equality between Indians, is persecuted. Those who leave Hinduism and embrace Christianity are looking for a better life, lose every social help, said de Haro, who is a journalism and law graduate and has a Ph.D. in information science.

This documentary was filmed in New Delhi, Bhubaneswar (State capital of Odisha) and the Kandhamal. “The film gathers the faces and stories of simple Christian people, who have found in Christianity a more human way of life,” de Haro, who is also an author. Many explain why Christians embraced the new religion and left the old one. Others tell the injustices suffered and the reasons why they are still loyal to the cross.

“The film serves, as well, as voice to the Hindu nationalists that justify the discrimination policies,” the filmmaker said. This is a documentary of a series about Christian persecution. All of them are available in video The film also gives voice to Hindu nationalists who justify discriminatory policies against Christians and other marginalized communities in India.

This is the fourth documentary in a series dedicated to persecuted Christians. Courtesy: MattersIndia


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