Shaikhpura: The younger sister of Pakistani Christian woman Asiya Bibi has been brutally murdered after she was jailed for eight years for committing false religion. Yunus, 50, was found dead on the following morning when he went to a farm in Shaikhpura in Punjab province on May 24, police said. Younus is the father of two children.

Younus’ brother, George Massey, told the police that Yunus, who had been working for the sheep of the local landlord, had been found dead on the farm when he did not return home at night. Meanwhile, it is reported that George Masi alleged that Najma Bibi had killed his brother with the help of a Muslim named Irfan Dogar in the area. This is not the first time those associated with Asia Bibi have been killed.

The killing of Punjab Governor and Christian scholar Salman Taseer in 2011 has been the subject of much global debate as he has publicly demanded the release of the Asian Bibi prisoner on false charges. A month later, Shahbaz Bhatti, a minority minister and hard-core Christian who shot for Asia, was shot dead in Islamabad.

In 2009, Asia was jailed for fake religion following a dispute with neighboring women over drinking water at work. The Pakistani court upheld the death penalty in 2010, but the Pakistani Supreme Court acquitted it in 2018 due to strong pressure from the international community and human rights activists. Following this, extremist Muslim organizations all over the country took to the streets and unleashed widespread riots. The riots carried placards, including the hanging of Asia. Asia is currently living with her family in a secret location in Canada.


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