Vatican City: Pope Francis has given the go-ahead for the nomination process of thirteen people based on the mediation miracle, martyrdom, and heroic life. Cardinal Angelo Bechu, the head of the Vatican Congregation for the Naming of Saints, signed the Pope’s declaration of papal decree on May 26. The Pope acknowledges the miraculous healings of the mediation of the three most blessed, the miracles performed by the mediating power of the three saints, the martyrdom of six servants of God, and the heroic virtues of another servant of God, the French missionary.

Blessed Cesare de Bas (1544-1607), founder of the Congregation for the Congregation of Christian Instruction, Charles Foucault (1858-1916), a Frenchman and parish priest, The pope approved. With this, they will be raised to the Most Holy.

He was the founder and parish priest of the Catholic Nights Knights of Columbus. MICHAEL J. McGivney (1852-1890). The miracle, mediated by the founder of the Community for Propagation of Faith & Living Rosary, has been acknowledged. With the approval of the Pope, they will be elevated to the status of Blessed.


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