Source: Pravachakashabdam

Kanjirapally: The Catholic Congress Forane Committees staged a series of protests demanding the immediate release of Fr. Stan Swamy, who was a solution to the problems in the education sector, and a pioneer of the withdrawal of the Agriculture Bill.

He was a member of the Jesuit Church who had been working for many years among the illiterate, the poor and the destitute in the state of Jharkhand. Diocesan President Jomi Kochuparambil, who inaugurated the strike, said the NIA’s arrest and imprisonment of Fr. Stan Swamy as a Maoist was an example of the government’s attitude towards the country’s poor.

Global Committee Member James Perumakunnel, Jojo Thekkumcherikkunnel, Tessy Biju Pazhiyankal, Jose Madukkakuzhi, Sunnykutty Azhakamprayil, Chackochan Vettikkattil, Ansi Sajan Punnamattathil, Sheela Thomas Thoompunkal, Biju Pathiyala, Cine Jeebu Neeranakkil, participated in the protest.


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