Kottayam: Believers gathered in the living rooms of their homes to join the Holy Eucharist. In the wake of the Covid 19 virus, the Holy Communion was erected in the temples with the participation of the people. Most attended the Holy Mass, which was broadcast on television channels in the morning, including Shekinah, Shalom, and Goodness. The Holy Mass was broadcast on these channels at different times in different wreaths. Many families participated in the piety of the Holy Communion in the chambers of their homes.

It was broadcast live on the Facebook pages of the dioceses and parishes offered by clergy in the church. Believers participated in the Holy Communion in their homes through their mobile phones, laptops, and computers. As part of Kovid’s defense, the state government convened a meeting of various religious leaders and suggested that the mob be excluded from the temples. The KCBC had issued a directive that it should be waived until further notice.


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