Rome: The Italian government on Saturday has ordered the cremation of the bodies, either individually or in groups, to avoid burial in the cemetery tombs amid rising mortality. Fr. Following the death of Corona in the parish of Lodi Sacred Heart in Lombardy Province, where the G-front is serving, all cremated remains will be cremated. The government has given permission for the cremation of two bodies each morning, one in the afternoon and one in the church cemetery.

The 10 dead bodies that had been kept in the mortuary for weeks were buried in the cemetery until Saturday. The remaining 16 bodies have been ordered to be cremated in an electric cemetery, despite the consent of relatives. Six people, including a caring priest, were allowed to enter the cemetery and attend the funeral service. The new decision to burn is because even this kind of contact can cause coronal outbreaks.

At the present death rate, the bodies are buried in the mortuary, but there is no burial in the cemetery. The bodies are dumped in mortars and trucked under the supervision of military personnel. The government has instructed the government to carry the bodies to other provinces as the cemeteries in Lombardy province are in continuous operation for 24 hours. The military has been asked not to seek permission from relatives in this regard.


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