Mexico City: Abortion groups in Mexico tried to light up old cathedrals in the region to show detest in the delay of passing the Abortion legalization Bill. Though the attempt was quite diabolic, the groups failed to destruct the place of worship. The officials of Mexico City has revealed that the prompt act of the Fire and Safety department indeed helped in stopping the fire from spreading to large parts of the cathedral.

In the wake of this event, Catholics across the region had assembled in front of the region, showing solidarity to the pro-life virtues of the universal Church. Police officials from the region had confirmed that the catholic community was quite prompt in defending the church, both physically and spiritually. 

The Police department has established tight security in areas that are prone to such attacks in the coming days. The Latin American is home to 90% catholic population in the country. As per reports, attacks such as setting fire, inscribing obscene contents on the walls of the church and so on, have taken place with accountability laid out on various Abortion groups. It is believed that the hate is mainly due to the strong Anti-Abortion and Pro-Life principles of the Catholic Church, which has great influence over the people in the country as world as a whole.


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