Mother Mary is a role model to women of all ages and at all situations. She had an unshaken trust in God . Mary assimilated the Word of God into her life, by pondering and meditating on it .  Like Mary, we must learn to recieve and keep the Word of God safe in our hearts. Mary is the disciple who faithfully listened and followed it. The best way to honour Mary is by imitating her.  In the Bible, Jesus beautifully explains with the parable of the sower that keeping the Word of God, means constantly listening  to it and applying it in our daily life situations.  We have the opportunity to listen to God’s word  every time we hear the homily at the Sunday Liturgy, and during the week we can pick up our scriptures and read  and find ways to follow it.   We should keep in mind that the Word of God is precisely the message that the Lord gives us every moment. Amen


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