Vatican City: Pope Francis says that we now have the condition of the Apostles, who pretended that Jesus was lost in the boat and lost everything, but that the test of time is the way to lead us to faith. The pope is reminded of the meditations he gave during the ‘Urbath et Orbi’ ministry, which sought the heavenly intervention against the coronary pestilence. In the midst of the storm, the Pope took to heart the words of St. Mark, chapter 35, which describes the passage in which the disciples were terrified.

What we have now is the situation of the apostles, who were afraid that Jesus was in the boat and lost everything. Covid’s spread reminds us that we are all traveling in the same boat. The wind and the coil make the boat unsteady to our unstable condition as human beings. But God asked them why you are afraid and you have no faith. That is what He asks of us.

Every one of us wants to be healthy only in this sick world, forgetting the wars and injustices that are taking place in the world, the tears of the poor and the weaknesses of others. But, God, we are crying in this storm-riddled sea, and we can cry out for our cry. This is not the time for God’s judgment, but rather an opportunity for us to see what is relevant in our lives, ”the Pope said.

In our message, we should be able to imitate the health workers, clergy and other volunteers who are willing to give their lives for others despite the fear. Belief in us develops when we realize that we need salvation. If we give in to Jesus’ fear, Jesus will overcome it. Let us give the Lord to receive hope. The pope concluded his message with the words, “That is the power of faith, it frees us from fear and gives us hope.”


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