Dublin: Fr. Richard Gibbons, Rector of National Marian Church in Knock, Mayo City has blessed thousands of houses in the small city of Dublin. For the past three days, the rector has been busy visiting local homes with holy water and the Bible and blessing them. This was done in order to fight the pandemic in a situation where the city is locked down and the faithful cannot visit the church for services.

Last week, he visited about 50 small towns from Tuesday to Friday. When he noticed that locals were waiting in the windows and doors of his house wherever he went, he ventured into some of the houses on his way. As the news spread, he decided to venture across the entire region.

He added that there is nothing greater than being able to meet people face to face amidst social distancing, and believers appreciate it. The Irish Post, the national media outlet in Ireland, has revealed the clergyman’s single fight.


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