The 8th of October marks the completion of one week into the extraordinary month of the mission. Following the Pope’s encyclical of special observation of the month, the diocese of Kalyan too, observes with full conviction and prayers. The theme to reflect on today’s day of mission month is ‘Tell My Story To the Other: Baptized and Sent’. 

In today’s world, being a physical missionary is not of everyone’s capacity. Missionary activities include serving the people of a certain area with a motive to spread hope that there is a father who loves us unconditionally, and no matter what would not leave us in despair. For those who cannot be manually present in these areas, the diocese shows up a new way. Share your story. 

Not just working or serving gives the message. Rather, it is also possible to envision the missionary month by sharing each one’s story of Faith. Thus, let us speak out stories to one another, behold ourselves in faith and spread the word among those who need motivation, inspiration and attention in this sophisticated world. 


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