Source: Pravachakashabdam

Kochi: With regards to Fr. Stan Swamy’s arrest by NIA in connection with Bhima Koregaon case, the KCBC said in a statement that the NIA team from Delhi had arrested the 83-year-old on baseless charges of inciting riots and having links with the Maoists.

He was reported to have informed them that the documents shown by the probe team in connection with the alleged Maoist links against him were forged. The arrest of this elderly priest is the latest example of the majority communal agenda of trying to suppress and eliminate those who work and speak for the backward and tribal people in North India. He is the 16th person to be arrested in the Bhima Koregaon case registered in Maharashtra. The recent increase in violence against dalits, adivasis and their Christians in northern India, especially in Jharkhand, is also worth reading.

The secular community in India needs to wake up to the plans to silence and annihilate dalits and adivasis, human rights activists who live as their voice, and especially Christians in northern states like Jharkhand. KCBC said in a statement that the church was concerned about such planned activities and called for immediate action by the state and national governments.


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