Kakkanad: The Syro-Malabar Sabha on Friday said that it was in the backdrop of information provided by the Union Home Ministry in the Lok Sabha about the ill-fated love affair known as Love Jihad. As noted earlier, the Synod expressed concern over the Church’s concerns about religious fanaticism and related issues in light of discussions received from various dioceses in the Syro-Malabar Church.

The Synod has not evaluated these issues to the detriment of their friendship with Islam. The Synod demanded that the case be investigated as a matter of serious concern to the community and the families. The situation in which the Synod made this demand still exists. The Public Affairs Commission of the Syro-Malabar Church has assessed that there are moves at some level to misrepresent the need of the Church in this regard.

The church strongly disagrees with such moves. Believers and the general public should be vigilant against attempts to disrupt the religious fraternity that exists in Kerala by activating this issue in the channels and other news media. The Syro-Malabar Church wishes to ensure that communal harmony and fraternity prevail in the community. The Commission reminded the believers to be vigilant in this regard.


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