“Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother…” the fourth of the Ten Commandments is noteworthy. This year St. Kuirakose Elias Chavara church in Kandivali celebrated the Parents Day on 30th July. Parents’ Day is one of the most significant events in the parish and the main celebrant for the Holy Eucharist Celebration was the former parish priest of the church, Vicar Fr. Jerry Malekudiyil. The meaningful liturgy stressed the fact that parents are the most important people in our lives.

Throughout the Holy Mass, special prayers were offered, not only for parents but also for grandparents who often plays an important role in the lives of children today. At the end of Holy Mass, Fr. Jerry and Fr. Siju wished and thanked the parents. The Holy Mass ended with the melodious hymn “Jeevichu irikumbol snehiku nee”.

It was soon time for the much-awaited activities by the catechism students and youth of the church, who entertained the audience with their mind blowing performances. Because of the team efforts and enthusiastic parishioners, the event became a huge success in the parish and each one realized and recollected their best memories of the day while leaving the church.


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