The place of the great Saint Anthony, known as the ‘Father of the Saints’ is immense. The saint was born about 250 CE in central Egypt. The saint’s parents were very noble. With their sudden death, the saint gave himself up to work that would make him completely immortal.

Once while in the temple, he heard a gospel saying, “If you want to be perfect, sell everything you have and give to the poor.” (Matthew 19:21) Soon the saint sold all his wealth and gave it to the poor. About 270 he went out into the wilderness to live a godly life. His bed was a rock-solid when he was tired. He himself suffered a lot. The bread of the saint was nothing but bread and salt. They drank just water. The Holy One had not eaten any food before sunset.

The saint was subjected to frequent and vicious attacks, but all these things contributed to the saint’s goodness and piety. n Saint Anthony’s view, the goal of ascetic life is not to destroy the body, but to bring it under control and integrate it with the God-given mercy.

For nearly 20 years, Saint Anthony lived alone. No pain bothered him, nor did any joy make him blind. He was not stirred by people’s greetings of praise or appreciation. In a nutshell, no sophistication in this world could have influenced the saint, but the saint was a person who was guided by rationality, feeling the inner peace and harmony.

“Our main goal should not be to get tired of completing our mission. In times of hardship and hardship, we must never give up our courage: we must protect our monastic life, my children. So while we may not be tired and heartbroken, if we always live with the image of death in front of us, we will not sin. The words of the apostles are telling us. “


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