Moscow: Russian naval forces continue their expedition through the Russian Navy, carrying the image of St. Andrew, the mediator of the Russian Navy and the most revered Saint Andrew in the country. The expedition, which began on December 21, will be followed by military ships after visiting the northern fleet of Severomorsk. After completing a tour of all five Russian naval vessels, the country’s media reports say that this image will be placed in a military cathedral under construction in Moscow.

The image of St. Andrew arrived in Murmansk on December 30. In January, veneration will take place in military towns such as Gadziev, Vidyaevo, Zavosersk and Luostari, which includes the North Fleet region. The Northern Fleet Sources said it would begin its tour of the Eastern Forces and Pacific Forces after completing a tour of Severodwinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast.

In his speech, Fleet Commander Alexander Moiseev said the expedition had “strengthened the spirituality of the Northern Navy and the townspeople.” Alexander Moiseev’s speech, which was released by the local diocese, said: The construction will take place outside the Patriotic Park in Moscow in early May and will be placed in the completed Military Cathedral.

Cathedral Venture will be held on May 9, the 70th anniversary of World War II. The 95-meter-high shrine is painted on a military-related resolution. One of the features of the cathedral is the 1945-meter dome, which dates back to 1945, the year of World War II. The second dome is built around the 1418 m mark to mark the 1418 days of the war. At the same time, the image of the military journeys carrying the image of a saint has gone viral in recent media.


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