Malampuzha: The miraculous healing of a nun in the Holy Family nun community, who respectfully accepted the divine sacrament of the nun who vomited it, is being discussed widely. Sister Maris Anto of the Holy Family Congregation in Malampuzha, who has been suffering from cervical spondylosis for three years, has been miraculously healed by her miraculous devotion. The issue has become a hot topic in the news media after the February incident was reported on ‘Shekaina’ television yesterday.

For the past three years, Sister Maris Anto has been suffering from severe challenges raised by cervical spondylosis. The sister could not even walk straight due to severe pain. Orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons alike have recommended that medications be continued throughout life, that the cervical collar be used, and that the neck be exercised regularly. The miraculous event took place while the treatments that were part of it were continuing.

The priest was on his way to the convent to offer Holy Communion to Sister Benicia, a fellow nun who was diagnosed with cancer. The priest tried to offer the Holy Eucharist, but Sister Benicia could not accept it. She was then given water after Holy Communion, but a few moments later the sister vomited. When the blessed sacrament came out with vomit, everyone present was shocked. But without any hesitation, Sister Maris embraced and accepted the Divine Mercy. The sister says that she felt like Jesus was coming up in a state of vomiting and that she received divine grace from the instinct.

Sister Benicia died the next day. But in the days that followed, Sister Maris experienced the miracle firsthand. The sister stopped doing all the work she had been doing before and stopped using the cervical collar. The sister underlined that she later thought about the reason behind the miraculous change that had taken place in her and realized that the reason behind her healing was that she had received divine grace from the residue.

The vicar of the Japamala Rani Church, Palakkad, Fr. Ajo Kuttikkadan says, “today, Sister Maris spends hours praying before the Lord of Mercy, who has completely changed her life.”


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