Bangalore: Representative from India to the Vatican-led International Youth Advisory Council Former President of Young Christian Students (YCS), Jeswita Prinzi Quadras has been elected to the Youth Advisory Council of the Holy Throne. The organization of the International Youth Advisory Council was formed on the twenty-fourth day of Christmas, the feast day of Christ. Twenty young people from all over the world have been selected for the Advisory Council.

Jeswita is a full-time volunteer at the Youth Commission Secretariat in Bethania, Faridabad and New Delhi. Jeswita completed her BA Journalism and Psychology from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore and is a former President of Young Christian Students (YCS).

Those elected to the Advisory Council include Guinea, Uganda, South Africa, the United States, Canada, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Chile, Indonesia, Japan, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Italy, and Portugal. Their term is for three years. In June this year, it was decided that the Apostolic Essay on Christus Vivitt would be practiced by them, who were working in different stages of the Youth Synod.


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