His Eminence Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, while addressing the faithful gathered for the Holy Mass in the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, conveyed that the world today needs believers who can bear witness each day to the love of God, who sacrificed His life for others. His Beatitude Cardinal Tagle was celebrating the Holy Mass to mark the feast day of Blessed Justo (Justus) Takayama Ukon.

As reported by asianews.it, His Eminence Cardinal Tagle remarked that “Witnessing heroism doesn’t always mean sacrificing blood, but rather proclaiming the Gospel despite opposition and hostility, detached from the material world. Every day in our lives, we are asked by Jesus, be with me, witness My love, give yourself to the mission for others.” Further, Cardinal Tagle added, “Takayama’s (The Japanese Catholic martyr) life is a manifestation of the power of Christ’s love. He chose the path of humiliation and exile rather than reject the Christian faith.”

His Eminence Cardinal Tagle concluded his homily by reminding that Christians are called to bear witness and suffer for the love of Jesus, even if this world of sin and injustice calls them foolish.