Holy Father Pope Francis while addressing the faithful gathered in Cartagena on 10th September, 2017, following the Angelus, appealed for the rejection of violence in Political life and for an end to the crisis in Venezuela. His Holiness also expressed his closeness to the people of Venezuela as well as to all those who have found a place of welcome in Colombia.

As reported by en.radiovaticana.va, Holy Father Pope Francis remarked that “I appeal for the rejection of all violence in political life and for a solution to the current grave crisis, which affects everyone, particularly the poorest and most disadvantaged of society.” Further, His Holiness added, “I assure all of you of my prayers for each of the countries of Latin America, and in a special way for neighboring Venezuela.”

His Holiness concluded the message by asking the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for all the world’s needs and for every one of her children.