Rome: The head of the world, bowing to the sacrifice of the 70-year-old Italian priest who gave his life for the love of another. Fr. Don Giuseppe Beradelli, a physician who laid down his breathing aid for a sick young man, died. The media took up the details of this martyrdom on March 15 last night.

Lack of ventilators is critical to sustain life in Italy, which suffers from coronary artery disease. In the acute stage of the disease, it is difficult to live without a ventilator. It is in this context that Fr. The ventilator, which Beradelli gave him, was sacrificed to the young man who was going through the beginning of life. He came on a motorcycle to provide assistance to the needy among the faithful, and was very fond of the parish community.

The celebrated Jesuit clergyman, Fr. James Martin wrote in his tweet that Fr. Don Giuseppe is compared. In Italy, however, there are about 60 clergymen on board. The clergy are still volunteering with the people who are suffering from coronation despite the general sacrifice being stopped. The last martyr is Fr. Don Giuseppe.


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