Vatican City: Pope Francis has called on Christians around the world to observe a special prayer day on Wednesday, March 25, in the wake of the severe spread of Kovid 19, which has severely affected the global community. The pope announced this at the concluding prayer of the Tri-Prayer at the Apostolic Library today. The Pope has called for a special prayer to be celebrated on the day of the celebration of the Holy Church, the feast of Gabriel Angel for the Holy Virgin Mother. The pope said that humanity is terrified by the pestilence called Corona, and that the Christian community should come together and raise prayers to heaven.

At the same time, the pope has announced that the special message for the ‘Easter and the City’ will be delivered on March 27, with the special message of Easter and Christmas. Rarely do Christmas, Easter and ‘Urbie which orb’ be offered on other occasions. The message, which will be delivered at 6 pm on March 27, will be broadcast live on various channels in the Vatican. The Penitentiary has announced a special penalty for the Vatican’s Apostolic Church, which today makes decisions on the pardon of coroners and caregivers.


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