LONDON: Britain’s famous Marian pilgrimage site Walsingham has been shut down after the Coronavirus hit England, but thousands are joining in the pilgrimage online. Every day live broadcasts begin with the Holy Mass. Then the Eucharist will be raised. The prayer is followed by a series of prayers, tricolor prayers, and word-of-mouth. Mercy is also a part of the ministry. Thousands of people watch live broadcasts daily.

Following the lockdown, Monsignor John Armitage, the rector of the Pilgrimage Center, has decided to make the Mass and other services in the Pilgrims’ Web site live in real-time. The Catholic media, the Italian World Television Network, provided a fast Internet connection for this purpose. Mon. says that believers from 135 countries have visited the website to watch live broadcasts. John Armitage revealed. He says this is the first time such a pilgrimage flows online.

Meanwhile, many people sent letters expressing their gratitude to Monsignor Armitage. He feels it was a great achievement to be able to establish a spiritual connection with the elderly who have been homeless for years, similar to the lockdown. On March 29, England held its Mother’s Day dedication ceremony at the Pilgrimage. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, people viewed the event through the Pilgrimage Center’s website and YouTube page.

Monsignor Armitage said that when the bishop assigned him the task of developing the pilgrimage center, he saw the development of buildings but later realized that his mission was to spread the Marian message. Armitage, who took over as Rector of 2014, will step down in September. Officials have decided to continue the live telecast even though the pilgrimage center opens on the 4th of July. The pilgrimage center was built in 1061 by a wealthy Catholic woman named Richeldis de Favarchus in Walsingham, where the Holy Father appeared many times. In medieval times, Walsingham was known as the Nazareth of England.


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