Paris: Benedictine nuns in France have released a seven-hour audio recording of their Gregorian songs, part of the largest audio recording project in history. The 45 nuns at the Notre Dame de Fidelite of Jocobs Benedictine Math, near the province of Aix-sen in southern France, have been recording their three-year Gregorian praises, hoping to provide some relief to those suffering from the isolation following the Corona epidemic. It was recorded with the help of American composer John Anderson.

Anderson finished recording each day by plugging eight microphones into the chapel in Mt. The nuns entering the shrine began the Gregorian chant by pressing the “record” button and ending the recording with a “stop” button. The everyday recording was uploaded to a remote drive without compromising the rituals of the monks. It also includes songs of praise that have never been recorded before.

Anderson says that the monks spend half of the day in the church with prayers and hymns. He said the recorded hymn was like a great song. The nuns decided to release their hymns in exchange for the omission of community prayers related to the holy week because of the corona. Benedictine nuns follow the Gregorian hymns, hymns of praise that originated in the 8th century.


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