Yangon: The Church in Myanmar with Divine Mercy Begs for Divine Intervention to Prevent Coronavirus. The Eucharistic Mass was followed by the Archbishop of Yangon Archdiocese and Cardinal Charles Boe, President of the Federation of Asian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (FABC), on Sunday following the Holy Mass. He stated that the number of people infected with the coronavirus and their deaths is increasing day by day and there is a concern.

Monsignor So Yo Han, representing the Archbishop, said they were praying for the dead and their families. The Myanmar Church defends the coronavirus by offering prayers, prayers, and supporting the sick and those who care for them. As a precaution, the Marian celebrations on Mother’s Day were canceled, though the corona did not spread in Myanmar. Since 1902, celebrations that have been held annually at the Nyunglabin Marion Pilgrimage in the Archdiocese have been canceled. Thousands of believers came here every year.


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