Kalyan Media Cell (KMC), the Spiritual Media wing of the Kalyan Diocese, which acts as the spine to give maximum media coverage to all the activities done by the Eparchy of Kalyan, conducted a spiritual orientation, under the guidance of Fr. Franklin Joseph, director of Kalyan Media Cell, on 30th September, 2017, at Bishop’s House, Mumbai. The orientation mainly focused on strengthening the young faithful gathered, by giving them proper and accurate information on the significance of being a Media Missionary and explained about various social media platforms and their roles in Missionary works.  The seminar began around 9:00 am and Fr. Franklin Joseph gave a spiritually informative session on the series of persecution faced by the Christians and how the Church is overcoming various tragic challenges and the way through which the Church is getting purified through these challenges and also explained the use of Twitter and Facebook and encouraged the young minds to create a Twitter account, which was practically done in the room. Youth Members Vinish Varghese, Rabecca, Anu Thomas were the other speakers in the seminar.

Fr. Franklin Joseph remarked that “It is important to realize that the time has come where the children of God have to come up in unity,  in order to proclaim the word of God with courage and now in this digitalized world, it becomes our duty and responsibility to make the world know about the living God through Media.”  With great panache, the importance of using strategies in social media and their steps – Pre-Event strategies, Real-timing/ Ongoing event strategies, Post-event strategies were been explained by Vinish Varghese. Anu Thomas wonderfully explained the use of Instagram and Rabecca enlightened the young minds to look at a news with different perspectives before giving a final judgment.

The orientation was concluded by reminding the young faithful gathered, about their significant roles in building up the Church in this challenging world by overcoming the persecutions through prayer and Faith.