Rome: The Italian bishops’ committee has ruled that religious matters related to religious liberty could not be approved in the second phase of the government’s regulatory measures to curb the spread of COVID in Italy. In a letter to the government, the bishop said that the possibility of offering the Holy Mass with the participation of the public has been unilaterally avoided in the second phase of the Prime Minister’s second term. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Cohn announced the second phase of the COVID’s defense on Sunday.

In his letter, the bishop said that no action that restrained the church’s ability to carry out acts of paganism was acceptable and that the move would not be tolerated. The Church’s commitment to serving the poor, including its mission in this emergency, stems from faith. The bishop said the church should be nurtured and cited the important services rendered by the church in Italy.

The letter also mentions the statement made by the Home Minister after a meeting with the CEI General Secretariat and the Home Ministry that the government is studying the broader plans to enforce freedom of worship. The unilateral decision has been made by blowing it up. In the letter, the bishop said the church had called for the removal of the restrictions imposed on paternalism at the beginning of the outbreak, and that they would once again be allowed to resume church activities. In the first week of March, the Holy Communion was canceled due to public participation in Rome.


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