Dublin: Sr. Pascal, the Irish Missionary Nun who lived in the streets of Kolkata and served the needy and underprivileged for over 45 years passed away on 4th November 2019. She had built numerous orphanages in Kolkata and had undertaken the responsibility of educating the children, preparing them for the world outside. After her years of service in India, she returned to Dublin, Ireland and was living in the Presentation Convent for the last four years.
Sr. Paschal has traveled multiple times with St. Mother Theresa. Eight years back, she had traveled from Ireland to India with money collected from her home country, to build an orphanage for the homeless children in Kolkata. The nun loved India so much that she donated all the possessions she received on her 99th birthday for the welfare of children in India.
Funeral was held and her mortal remains were laid to rest on 5th November 2019 at the Lukan Divine Mercy Church in Ireland.


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