The Holy Father has requested the world to pray for the safety and perseverance of the Christians in Ethiopia. He placed his pleas to the faithful community during the three-day-long prayer service on Sunday in the Vatican City. He conveyed his disappointment on the attacks netted on the Christians of the Tavahito Orthodox Church by various ethnic groups. As per reports coming from the office of Prime Minister Abi Ahmed, around 78 people have been killed and many injured following the attacks that ensued on the eve of 23rd October 2019. The Orthodox Church of the Oromiya region has tallied that around 52 members of the church have been killed in the past month.
The regional news channel, Burkinah News reported that grenades were charged against church’s and the houses and workplaces of Catholics were burnt to ashes during the series of attacks led by ethnic groups of the African country. The head of the Orthodox Church, Patriarch Abune Mathias expressed his heartfelt condolences on the demise of innocent faithful. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is one of the largest community among the Oriental Orthodox Churches.


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