Los Angeles: A tweet by catholic priest Rev. Fr. Goo Hidalgo has been doing the rounds, since it went on social media. The Post follows a picture that was taken in 2011, during the World Youth Conference in Madrid. The photograph displayed a priest bowing his knees. Fr. Hidalgo said, the photograph changed his life forever. It was this photograph that confirmed his willingness to becoming a priest.

“I was taking this photo at the 2011 World Youth Conference in Madrid. She was a first-year seminary student at the time. The image of the clergyman standing on his knees listening to me was very influential. From that moment on, I knew I had decided to become a priest. ‘ According to Goo’s tweet. He concludes his tweet by saying, “Patience changed my life” and “Do not fear confession.”

Though the image seems to be very usual one, most people testified that it highlights the sacrament of reconciliation. The tweet follows a string of comments that talk about the essence of confession and the testimonies of receiving grace from the sacrament. 

Few comments on Fr. Hidalgo says, “Thank you for accepting God’s call!”, “We need priests who love God and us;” “Thank you for sharing the picture that shows the power of patience” and so on. 


(Source: http://www.pravachakasabdam.com/index.php/site/news/11161 )


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