Kanjirappally: Mar Jose Pulikal, the diocese of Kanjirappally, says that the helpless siblings should be careful not to shed tears. He was reminded of this in a circular issued to the clergy, the consecrated and the Alamar. Yuva Deepthi, led by SMYM, has launched a program called ‘Good Samaritan Control Room’ to feed hungry wires.

Anyone who is in need of help and would like to help can call 8086465219 and 6238193987. Mar Pulikkal reminded the people of the parishioners not to be distracted by their caste religion and to provide relief and assistance to the panchayat authorities.

Today is a day of prayer. At 10:30 pm, the Pope will be invited to join the House of Liturgy. Clergy and saints are in earnest prayer these days. Prayers and counseling can be obtained by phone. In the event of emergencies, Mar Jose Pulikkal suggested in the circular that the establishment of the diocesan establishments should cooperate with the government arrangements with the knowledge of the diocese.


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