Vatican City: Pope Francis says that the dedication of life is more important than life, and that it applies to parents, children, elderly parents, married couples, nuns, home, workplace and anyone in the vicinity. The Pope was delivering a three-day prayer message on the 21st day of June, the feast day of the Apostles Peter and Paul. He added that Peter was not captained when he was released from prison, but was given life here and the execution place was transformed into a beautiful place of hope.

Peter’s life journey should shed light on our journey. The Lord has given Peter a lot of grace, and so does ours, just as He saved us from evil. But we come to the Lord only for our own needs. God sees us in great distances and asks us to seek Him, not just His grace. It demands to give not only our problems but our own lives. Thus giving us the greatest blessing, the gift of life. Dedication of life is more important than life. So we should ask God not only for the occasion but also for the grace of life, ”he said.


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