Rome: The Brazilian media reports that the Vatican will announce the formation of the Amazonian bishop’s committee on Monday. According to the Brazilian website Instituto Humanitas Unisinos, the announcement is likely to be made on the feast day of Saint Peter and Paul. The Synod Fathers, who participated in the Amazon Synod, proposed in October a proposal for a bishop for the Amazon. The Bishops cited the reasons behind the creation of the Amazon Bishops’ Council, which aims to bring about the polarization of power and the spread of the Amazon culture in all walks of life.

There are also reports that they are aiming at evangelizing by incorporating nature protection. The Pan-Amazonian Ecclesiastical Network, organized by the Synod, and the Council of Episcopal Conference of Latin America, is intended to sustain the Amazonian bishopric as a permanent committee. Although Pope Francis made no mention of the formation of the bishop in the post-Caucasus Amazonia, the pope raised the question of why there are no bishops in the Amazon as in many parts of the world.

Although the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesiastical Network was set up to serve and protect the poor of the Amazon region, there have been major accusations leveled at the Synod and after the Synod. There have been reports that the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesiastical Network has purchased financial support from the Ford Foundation, which heavily supports the embarrassment.


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